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Senior Writer

We are a UK Media company with an office in Abuja. We are currently expanding and are looking for talented writers and editors to join our team. We offer flexible working conditions and have roles in our offices in Abuja, a new office coming soon in Enugu and on a work from home basis as we look to build our branch network. You can read more about us here- on the DailyPosts UK website.

The Role

The role involves producing content for marketing companies in the UK, US and Australia. We mainly produce blogs, press releases, guides, website content and business profiles. We expect our writers to produce 5000+ words a day and to research the content thoroughly so that it is good quality.

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Is This You?

We are looking for candidates who want to build a career writing content, and move into leadership and project management roles in the organisation over the next 5 years. You must have flawless English grammar, be able to quickly understand instructions, and write content that speaks to the reader. International exposure in the UK and/or the US is a distinct advantage. If you studied abroad even better!


To Apply

This role is available to candidates around Nigeria. If you can easily relocate to Abuja or Enugu then an office based role is possible. We are looking to build a branch network around Nigeria, so we are taking applications from talented people in all locations on a work from home basis. Once we have identified the talent we need in a location we will set up an office.

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The first step is a pre-recruitment grammar test. If you are confident that your grammar is excellent, and you have the mental dexterity to complete writing briefs, then apply now. This will be followed by a short practical test and a paid one week trial.

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