Suffering from belly bloating after eating too much food? Try this

Here are 3 common fruits and vegetables you can use to make juices and smoothies for belly bloating.

You have eaten all your Christmas chicken and you even ate from all your 25 neighbours as well. Now you are suffering from sluggishness and discomfort of belly bloating.

Because we are so nice at Pulse, we have decided to compile 3 common fruits and vegetables you can use to make juices and smoothies for belly bloating.


Lemon is a gentle, natural laxative and diuretic. Because lemon possesses these properties, drinking lemon juice can help alleviate constipation and flush the excess salt from your system. You can try drinking lemon juice with some peppermint leaves sprinkled in (the peppermint helps with indigestion).


Likewise, cucumber’s high water content make it one of the great juices for belly bloating. Just like Lemon, Cucumber is a natural diuretic. It contains so much water that it helps remove excess salt from your system, in turn helping to prevent water retention and thereby helping to reduce bloating. Juicing cucumber will give you a healthful anti-bloat beverage with a cool, refreshing flavor. Or, you could simply add some to your usual juice recipes.

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Virtually every type of melon provides health benefits, but watermelon’s extremely high water content (about 92% of a watermelon’s flesh consists of water) means it’s a potent natural diuretic. Like juicing lemon, and cucumber, juicing watermelon can help flush excess salt from your system.

Just make sure you have a restroom handy for a couple of hours after you drink this “super bloat-fighting juice” – the diuretic effects of these fruits and veggies mean you’ll probably be urinating quite a bit.

A “banish belly bloat” juice recipe

1 cucumber, sliced

1 lemon, peeled

2 apples, cored and sliced

Juice all of these ingredients together in your juicer. Drink immediately. If you’d like to add optional green leaf lettuce, this will help too.

You should notice a difference in your bloating within one day, but if you still feel bloated, drink this juice (or one of the other juices for belly bloating) for a few days until you see improvement.

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A few other ways to fight belly bloat

Reduce your overall salt/sodium intake

Avoid eating too many processed foods

Limit your intake of carbonated beverages and alcohol

Make sure you get enough exercise and sleep

Drink plenty of fresh water in addition to your juice

Fresh aloe vera juice will soothe a sore or sour stomach that could also cause belly bloat- add a little bit to your juices every day

Try to swallow less air – drink directly from the cup, glass or other container, not through a straw

Avoid high-fat foods

Avoid eating large meals – eat four to six smaller meals per day instead of three large ones.

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